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Yacht Club

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  1. BulletOnly Sailors & Staff Allowed on Platform

  2. BulletMasks Must Be Worn at All Times on Platform

  3. BulletMaintain 6-Foot Social Distance from Others

  4. BulletNo Sharing of Food, Clothing or Other Items

  5. BulletBe Familiar with SAFETY PLAN

Single-Handed Sailing
(or Double-Handed if with Family Members)*

Sailors must have Prior Experience, Be Capable, & Feel Comfortable Sailing an Opti, Laser, or Sunfish Alone

Students 12 & Under Must Register for an Opti
Unless they have Prior Permission from Program Directors
(or they are sailing with an older family member)

Registration by Boat Class and Designated Time
Boats Will Be Pre-Rigged

  1. 1.  Simply Arrive at Your Scheduled Time

  2. 2.  Check in on the Grass for Health Assessment

  3. 3.  Launch Your Boat from Platform

  4. 4.  Sail for about 2.5 Hours

Safety Boats will be on the Water
Direction Will Be Given
On Water Activities may be provided

Remember Your Life Jacket!

Bring a Small Bag (Drawstring) for Following Items:

  1. BulletYour Mask (You Can Take it Off Once You’ve Launched)

  2. BulletWater Bottle

  3. BulletSnack

  4. BulletSun Tan Lotion

Program Will Run Mondays - Wednesdays

Weather Related Make-Ups on Thursday and/or Friday

No Refunds Unless Entire Week is Cancelled


Registration Closes Sunday at 8 PM

*Adults Welcome to Join their Child

(Be Sure to Register for Laser or Sunfish)

Registration Now Open One Week at a Time

Sorry - Experienced Sailors Only

Additional information at