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After its most successful Sailing School season ever in 2016 with over 60 students participating over the summer and most weeks with more than 20, the Yacht Club decided to expand the Sailing School Program by offering two sessions per day, Monday through Thursdays.  A morning session with beginners with more advanced students participating in the afternoon.

The intermediate afternoon session was more popular than expected with class size rivaling the beginner session.  The total number of students involved in the program increased to almost 80.

The Yacht Club will once again be hosting a US Sailing Sail 1 Certification class during the first week of the season.  As a result, Beginner Lessons will not be available for week 1.  Two TIPYC counselors will be enrolled in the program, joining another ten from around the Northeast.

Counselors not involved in Sail 1 will be involved in Counselor Orientation activities and dock preparations.  We hope to run the Intermediate Program during week 1 as part of CIT and Race Team training.

Due to increases in cost and minimum wage increases, the Yacht Club has decided to increase the weekly cost of the Sailing Program.  This is the first increase in anyone’s memory, and the TIPYC Sailing Program cost is still extremely competitive compared to other area programs.


Our 2nd Annual Blessing of the Fleet will be our season opener on Saturday, June 40, at 5:00 followed by hors d’oeuvres and drinks at the Pavilion.

The Reverend Jack Anderson will officiate the ceremony.  In addition to blessing the Yacht Club’s non-motorized fleet, people will be encouraged to attend with their own vessels – both motorized or not.  Participants can anchor or drift off the main dock during the blessing, and then either park at the Main Dock, or disembark their crews with captains returning the boats to their slips before returning to the Main Dock themselves.

For many years, the Yacht Club has hosting a social opener at the beginning of the summer season, the Line & Wine, to allow Park residents a first chance to see old friends and catch up after the long winter away from the Park.  By moving the event to a Saturday, the Yacht Club hopes even more people will be able to attend.


From only one annual event just a few years ago, the sail racing scene at T.I. Park has now grown to almost a dozen from our weekly Race Thursday to the Laser & Sunfish Regatta in July, the James S. Dickson Race, our involvement in the Central New York Youth Interclub Circuit, the TIPYC v ABM Kids’ Regatta in collaboration with the Antique Boat Museum, and participation in the Grindstone Island Sailing Team Regatta in Clayton.

Last year’s 3rd  Annual Laser & Sunfish Regatta in July included four Canadian Entries as well as several entries from around New York State.  Seventeen Laser Sailors competed in four races, with winds beginning shifty and light for the first of four races. 

James S. Dickson Memorial Race

The James S. Dickson Memorial Race was held the first Sunday of August.  Named after one of the founders of the modern day iteration of the Thousand Island Park Yacht Club, this was the 20th year of the event. 

The 2017 honoree was Marilyn Thomas, a long-time community organizer who passed away this past spring.

TIPYC v ABM Hosted by Antique Boat Museum

The 4th Annual TIPYC v ABM Fun Regatta was hosted by the Antique Boat Museum in 2017.  Over two dozen students from both clubs participated in 2 racing series.  First up, several Optimist races were held followed by the Sunfish.

The sailors had a chance to meet other kids their age with similar interests and the instructors compared notes on how to keep up with a sport that is growing more and more in popularity.  Everyone was a winner with awards for best capsizes, recoveries, hiking, and several other humorous categories.  In what has become a tradition, food and refreshments were supplied by the guests, ABM

Planning for the 2017 edition may involve coordinating with the Central New York Interclub Circuit.

Regattas Not Possible without Committee Boat Volunteers

A successful sailing race or regatta has many moving parts.  The events need to publicized, boats prepared, and shore crews organized for registrations and general hospitality for participants and guests.

On top of that, volunteers are needed for pretty much the entire day of the race for the committee and safety boats.

A general committee boat is anchored at the start and it is their job to start the races and maintain a tally of the results.

It is also wise to have at least two safety boats to assist sailors if they capsize or experience equipment issues.

Much thanks to all the people who volunteered to make the 2016 TIPYC Season such an incredible success.

If you would like to be more involved, please contact Tom French at


TIPYC Youth Racing Team

The Yacht Club is proud to host a Youth Racing Team.

2017 was an exciting inaugural year for the team which traveled to both Cazenovia and Chaumont.

For 2018, the Yacht Club hopes to host its own Central New York IntraClub event as well as participate in even more events with both Optis and Radials.

Preparing for the TIPYC v ABM

Expanded Sailing Program
Huge Success

2016 Racing Action

Blessing of the Fleet to Be 2018 Season Opener

Adult Lessons Still Available on Fridays

Private & Group Lessons Available

Sailboat Rentals Available for Qualified Members


Want to take the family or friends out for a nice afternoon or evening sail?  TIPYC counselors are available for just such an endeavor!

Groups of four or five can experience the thrill of sailing in our O'day Javelin.  Under the guidance of one of our US Sailing Certified Instructors, participants can decide how involved they wish to be in the sailing of the boat.  Simply enjoy the wind and sail, or take the tiller and hold the sheet!  Our counselors are prepared to offer any level of involvement and instruction that you wish.

These two-hour packages begin on the TIPYC Sailing Platform where participants can help raise the sails and push off.  Longer excursions are also available.

As in past years, Adult Group Lessons will be available on Fridays from 9:30 until noon. 

For the past couple of years, participation numbers have been less than 5 (sometimes one), making this an excellent and economical way for adults to learn or refresh their sailing skills in a small and individualized setting.

Qualified members of the T.I. Park Yacht Club can once again rent a Sunfish (pending availability) on Mondays through Thursdays from 10 AM until 3 PM.  Rentals begin at $30 per day. 

Individuals wishing to rent a Sunfish must be adult members of the Yacht Club in good standing and will also need to demonstrate the ability to sail.  This can be done by presenting a US Sailing Small Boat Certification (obtained by completing US Sailing’s “Little Red Book” of Demonstrated Sailing Skills). 

The US Sailing Small Boat Certification can be earned by participating in one of TIPYC’s Adult Sailing Programs with either private lessons or group instruction on Fridays.

As with all TIPYC Sailing Programs, life jackets are required.